Sterile environment



Particularly targeted to doctors in consultation rooms, care room, ORs

plus-bleuTelescopic oscillating system, mirima patent

  • Ergonomic polyurethane saddle on steel insert ors eat 2s /seat 3e:
  • Black elastomer strand, anti-skid, noise-reducing, anti-tracks.
  • Active ergonomy
  • Adjustable seat tilting
  • Height adjustment with air jack of about 62 to 80 cm.
  • Telescopic oscillating system (mirima patent) allowing a better mobility and an ergonomic position thanks to the oscillating strand acting like a natural extension of the spine.

Foot controller by a black epoxy steel circle maneuvrable to 360° (sterile hands).
  • Base ø42 cm
perforated chromed steel
acier chromé perforé to avoid humidity rentetion


Also exists in version vinci with manual controller under seat (same technical specifics as model veni)




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